The Clash - London Calling Poster 24"x36"

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Vertical poster, 24" x 36"


"London Calling" was released in 1979 after band members Joe Strummer and Mick Jones finally conquered a bought of writer's block. The album would go on to be considered to be one of the greatest punk rock albums of all time, drawing inspiration from various sources- including rockabilly, ska, and pop. The album focused on themes of political and societal injustices, drug abuse issues, and the crippling responsibilities of adulthood.


Born out of poverty and the oppressive urban landscape of ‘70s London, The Clash would define punk rock around the world for decades. Blending influences of old-school rock and roll with reggae and ska, the band captured the diverse cultural underbelly of the time. Their politically charged lyrics and rebellious attitude inspired a generation to “stop mucking about,” cut your hair and pick up a guitar.

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