Soapstone Pebble Heart Chakra Anahata Incense Burner

Prabhuji's Gifts
3" in Diameter. Made in India from soapstone!

Experience tranquility with this Anahata soapstone incense burner, made in India, featuring the symbol for the heart chakra. Burning incense on this special piece helps you connect with your heart, bringing love and calmness. Let soothing scents fill your room, creating a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation.


The Anahata symbol, also known as the heart chakra, represents love, compassion, and emotional balance in Hindu and yogic traditions. It signifies the center of unconditional love and connection, fostering harmony within oneself and others.


Incense is traditionally burned during times of meditation, or to help cleanse and clear the air. Incense is used to remove any unwanted odor or energy from your space. 


Prabhuji's Gifts are always made sustainably by artisans in India's cottage country. The company also employs local rural villagers. An auditor ensures that there is never child labor, and all packages are made from 100% recycled paper. When you buy from Prabhuji's Gifts, you support their New York based, nonprofit, religious organization that is home to a spiritual community and their multiple humanitarian projects. These include the Prabhuji Food Rescue and Prabhuji Food Distribution Programs, which help feed people in need in the USA, India, and the Dominican Republic.



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