Carved Chakra Ring Oil Diffuser 4"

Om Imports
Beautiful 4" Carved Soapstone Chakra Ring Oil Diffuser

This beautiful 4" soapstone oil diffuser is ringed with the colors of the rainbow, denoting the 7 Chakras. All you need in addition to the diffuser is fragrance oil and a tealight candle! (Oh, would you look at that, we sell both...) This diffuser comes in two parts, the candle holder, and the oil reservoir. The parts come apart easily and are a breeze to clean! 


The 7 Chakras are an ancient system of energy points thought to be located in the body and in control of certain elements and energies. They are located starting from the very top point of your head and down in a line to just below your hips. These points hold your body's energy (prana) and can go in and out of alignment.


Don't have regrets, remember to pick up some tealight candles and fragrance oil so you can use your new diffuser right away!



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