Metallica - Enter Sandman '92 Tour Concert Poster

Concert Print Poster 22"x14"

Metallica was at their commercial peak when they embarked on the “Wherever We May Roam Tour,” also known as the “Enter Sandman ‘92 Tour.” It supported their fifth album, “The Black Album,” which is remembered as one of the best Metallica albums. Their breakthrough single “Enter Sandman” would go beyond this tour as the band’s calling card, instantly recognizable by all. The tour would see far-off places like Moscow, where the Soviet Union's first-ever open-air rock show would take place, seeing over half a million fans. At the end of the tour, they coheadlined a show with Guns N’ Roses where lead vocalist James Hetfield was caught in a pyrotechnics display gone wrong, searing his flesh and causing third-degree burns all over his body. He and the band returned 17 days later, with Hetfield able to sing until his wounds healed.

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