Metallica and Ramones - Lollapalooza '96 Concert Print

Some call it the year Lollapalooza sold out, others call it the metal festival of the year.

What originally started as Lollapalooza ‘96 will always be remembered as the year when the fest officially sold out. Outside the entrance were women wearing bikinis posing with muscle cars charging passersby for photos with them. It was founded by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, drummer Stephen Perkins and booking agent Marc Geiger. They envisioned a traveling circus of indie bands similar to a county fair to help provide an alternative to the major music festivals of the day. But in ‘96, all ties were severed and the alt-music fest had become one of the biggest corporate zoos of the decade. And of course who better than Metallica and Ramones to represent the fatcat overlords? It was dubbed “metal-fest ‘96” or “Larsapalooza” after the Metallica frontman by many as 20,000 metal and punk heads who filled the sweltering grounds to see their favorite leather-clad bands. Metallica in particular, was doing very well commercially with a number one album off “Load.” Although a largely successful festival, it wasn’t remembered all well. Even during the time, critics noted the all-white, male composition of the bands and crowds with a hard punk/metal persuasion so deep that fans booed off acts like Cacateu Twins for “not rocking hard enough.”


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