Venetian Mystique Mask Plaque - Peacock 13.75"H

Top Land Trading
13.75" Top to Bottom


Originating in 17th-century Venice, these traditional carnival masks have been used for hundreds of years to celebrate different festivals, specifically Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. According to historical speculation and legend, the masks were inspired and used to let different socio-economical classes intermingle during these times of celebration with an element of anonymity. The ornately decorated masks were widely popular throughout Europe, so much to the point that they became outlawed by the Catholic Church for almost 200 years. In recent decades, there has been an artistic revival in the creation and wearing of these festival masks all around the world!



This beautiful, traditional-style Venetian mask plaque features a vibrant peacock and swirling feathers sculpted on the front.

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Barcode: 610395018162