Amethyst Om Symbol Pendulum



Amethyst is thought to be a protective stone that influences the relief of anxiety and stress. It is also believed that it helps alleviate the accompanying symptoms of stress or anxiety.  In particular, headaches and fatigue. Some people also think it can be helpful in stimulating cell regeneration. 


The Om symbol in Indian regions represents the sound of the universe. It is a sacred spiritual sound. Get in harmony with this great cosmic melody by paying tribute to your mind and the universe with a beautiful hanging Om symbol. It is time to get metaphysical. 


The pendulum is a traditional divination tool, tracing back many centuries and used by many over the millennia to seek guidance and advice from those beyond the veil. Thriving best on yes or no questions, the pendulum is easily one of the most intuitive tools to learn and use and always helpful to have in your personal magical toolkit.


This pendulum is made out of high-quality 100% all-natural semiprecious gemstones.

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