Fairy Lamp with Tiffany Wings 17"H

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In classic folklore, fairies are seen as symbols of magic and are sacred elemental spirits. The meaning behind them having wings is because they are viewed as messengers between realms, the human realm, and the fairy realm.




They are also known to be tricksters, so watch out! Fairies are often depicted in artwork hanging out under large mushroom caps, in evergreen trees, or even around beautiful gardens (maybe even in your own backyard!) Make friends with these tiny enchanted creatures and watch the magic in your life amplify. 




This elegant fairy lamp is really a beautiful piece of home decor. It comes with extremely attractive glass Tiffany wings. It is casted in bold dark bronze finish. Bulb is not included. 







  • 1 Fairy Lamp with Tiffany Wings 17"H (Bulb not included)
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Barcode: 840125824354