Snake Lady Speculum Wall Mirror 16"H

Hand-Painted Cold Cast Resin

The only thing creepier than expecting to see your reflection in a mirror and having a skeleton staring back at you instead is this mirror.



You see a young woman with beautiful blonde hair seeking her reflection in the mirror from behind. Instead of seeing the same young woman reflected, she is shocked to see the skeleton of her future self returned to her gaze. To make matters worse, two silver snakes sit coiled above her, gazing excitedly as they plan to make her their next meal. 



The frame of this frightening mirror is inscribed with the Latin phrase Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis. This translates to "Times are changed; we, too, are changed within them."




*WARNING: We are not liable if you show this item to a child and they experience nightmares, nor are we liable for the dry cleaning expenses of any viewer regardless of their age.






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| Cat 25-12-2023 17:42

My mom got me this mirror for Christmas. I'm extremely into oddities and curiosities. She nailed it. This is a gorgeous and high quality mirror. You can hang it or put it on a shelf. Wicked cool!

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