Triquetra Carved Wooden Box 6" x "4

Hand Carved Medium Wooden Box 6" x 4"

The Triquetra is a figure/ symbol that consists of three arcs creating a pinwheel design. This ancient symbol is often found in insular art, commonly metalwork and illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kelis. It is also a common symbol found in Japanese culture and Buddhist aesthetics. 



This 6" x 4" wooden storage box is hand-made in India out of mango wood. The triquetra symbol is symmetrically placed on the top of the box. Comes with a convenient hinged top



Storage boxes are always good to have around. Plus, they are a great gift item. Everyone needs a little more storage in their life. Why not do it in as much style as possible? The Mushroom has many other styles and sizes of storage implements available. 





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