Triquetra Soapstone Oil Diffuser

The Color of each oil diffuser can vary slightly. Each one is unique. No two oil Diffusers have identical shades of colors.

The triquetra is a figure/ symbol that consists of three arcs creating a pinwheel design. This ancient symbol is often found in insular art, commonly metalwork and illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kelis. It is also a common symbol found in Japanese culture and Buddhist aesthetics. 




This soapstone oil warmer just needs a tea light candle and some fragrance oil to create a properly aromatic experience. This oil diffuser/ warmer comes in two parts. It has a base area for the candle and a removable top. The reservoir top can easily be removed from the base chamber. 




Simply place a trusty tealight candle in the opening at the bottom. Then fill the top reservoir with as much oil as desired. Make sure not to leave the candle burning while the oil diffuser is empty of fragrance oil. Make sure to handle it with care after use. The top reservoir may still be hot after usage. 

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