Seven Chakra Pencil Point Pendant



This pendant features the 7 Chakras, which are an ancient system of energy points thought to be in the body and in control of certain elements and energies. They are located starting from the very top point of your head and down in a line to just below your hips. These points hold your body's energy (prana) and can go in and out of alignment, which can create subtle energy shifts or even illness. They are connected to the colors of the rainbow, each chakra point being a different color. 



This particular shape of pendant is thought to act as a type of energy conductor, with the point aiding in directing vibrations emitting from the stone. It can be used to move energy from place to place or act as a key for unblocking energetic clogs in the physical form. 



This pendant comes loose and ready to be strung on a chain of your choice.

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