7 Chakra Small Stone Set

Contains Natural Stones. Colors and styles may vary.

The chakra tradition is rooted in early Hindu traditions that differ between the Indian religions. Many Buddist texts consistently mention five chakras. Hindu sources practice the meditative use of six or seven focal points. 



This small chakra stone set contains 7 different stones. Each with its own unique spiritual attribute.





  • Amethyst - Crown: Spiritual Connections, Enlightenment.
  • Sodalite - Third Eye: The psychic, Intuition, Thought.
  • Blue Turquenite - Throat: Communication, Expression. 
  • Green Aventurine - Heart: Love, Acceptance.
  • Yellow Aventurine - Solar Plexus: Life Force, Power, Vitality, Healing.
  • Carnelian - Sacral: Creativity, Sexuality. 
  • Red Jasper - Root: Earth, Grounding, Survival.


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