Seven Chakra Carved Bowl 5"D

Made out of soapstone. Has a 5" Diameter.

The chakra tradition is rooted in early Hindu traditions that differ between the Indian religions. Many Buddist texts consistently mention five chakras. Hindu sources practice the meditative use of six or seven focal points. 


The 7 Chakras are an ancient system of energy points thought to be in the body and in control of certain elements and energies. They are located starting from the very top point of your head and down in a line to just below your hips. These points hold your body's energy (prana) and can go in and out of alignment, which can create subtle energy shifts or even illness. 


This metaphysical tool is not only great for spiritual practices, but it also functions as a perfect jewelry dish and storage for small trinkets. 



It also can be used for many types of incense such as cones and charcoal-burning resins. Fill the bowl with sand for best results with charcoal-burning resins. Hand-made in India out of quality soapstone. 




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