Rescue 10 Day Permanent Detox



Rescue's 10-Day Detox helps completely detoxify your body in a little over a week! It takes the process of the 5-day detox program and extends it for those who have an excessive amount of toxins in their system. Those with large amounts of bodily stored toxins might take longer to reach maximum cleanliness.


The 10-day program is basically just an extension of the 5-day program for those who might need the extra days of toxin purging. Containing 4 different sets of capsules specially formulated by a team of nutritionists and herbalists, it eliminates unwanted toxins permanently as long you are not exposed to them again. Each capsule set comes with specific instructions to maximize its cleansing benefits and achieve the best results.


As with any detox cleanse, be sure to eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water. Additionally, avoid exposure to any other toxins like alcohol or nicotine for at least 72 hours before starting the cleanse and in the future for it to remain permanent.




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