New Orleans Pop Festival 1969 Concert Print

You heard of Woodstock? Of course you have, you cultural connoisseur. Well, what about the Louisiana equivalent that happened only two weeks after the original Woodstock? Didn't think so.

An underappreciated cultural touchstone capturing the intersection of many bizarre things happening in the world of 1969, the New Orleans Pop Festival brought Woodstock to Louisiana when Woodstock was only two weeks old. It also closely followed Hurricane Camille, which devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast and parts of Louisiana as well as the recent integration of local schools creating high racial tension in the area. Despite all the bad vibes, the hippie fest went off without a hitch. At the Lousiana Internation Speedway in Prairieville, the festival was lightly attended with somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 people. Local biker gangs ran security and the event was praised for its peaceful, well-behaved crowd. Despite the peace, narcotics cops made dozens of arrests to cull drug dealers there, dampening the mood. It was hosted eight months before the first ever Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans and marked a unique turning point in Louisiana music history.


22"x14" Concert Print Poster

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