Desert Sage and Lavender Stick - Brahma Bundle

Prabhuji's Gifts
6"-7.5" long.

Desert Sage produces a light and woody fragrance to drive away evil spirits, neutralize negative energy, and attract positive energy. Lavender then contributes a fresh and sweet scent to fill this cleansed space with a tranquil and calming aura. Smudging this combination of herbs is a powerful tool for creating a pure and rejuvenating environment.


To smudge sage, begin by lighting the bundle's tip until there is a small and steady flame. Extinguish the flame by gently blowing on the bundle until only smoke is produced. Finally, place the bundle in a bowl, shell, or other fire-safe container and put it in a safe space. Allow the smoke to fill your space and wash over your entire body. To cleanse a larger area, you can also carry the bundle with the container through any areas that need cleansing.


Smudging sage is a sacred ritual that Native Americans have practiced for centuries. Prabhuji's Gifts uses traditional Native American methods for growing and processing sage to respect and preserve this culture. This sage is wild-grown, handpicked, sun-dried, and wrapped in 100% cotton string, following the original traditions and minimizing environmental impact.

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