Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy (CD)


The coming-out and the coming-of-age album “Flower Boy” explores Tyler’s emotional journey as an artist while realizing his potential as a producer and rapper. If he stopped making albums here, it would be remembered as his best not only for his growth as an artist but also because of his significant change in tone. Elegantly arranged songs dense with gorgeous synths fill the album rather than the bombastic tracks of previous albums, which relied heavily on gruesome lyrics. It’s rare to find an artist who can captivate with shock and glam, which makes Flower Boy the crowning achievement it is. Check out tracks like “Where This Flower Blooms” and “Garden Shed” to get a feel for the new Tyler.



Few hip-hop artists of the 2010s have had the same artistic growth and talent as Tyler, The Creator. Living up to the name Odd Future, Tyler’s start in the Los Angeles music collective made him a name in the hip-hop underground before blowing up in popularity seemingly overnight with the release of his debut “Goblin.” A polarizing figure through and through, his early days have been seen with gentler eyes than when he was first impressed by the music landscape. Many saw him as crude, bigoted and immature but his talent as a producer and lyricist became evident to many critics even in his early days. Undergoing a metamorphosis, Tyler would dispel critics and prove to be one of today's most unique and gifted hip-hop artists.




  1. Foreword
  2. Where This Flower Blooms
  3. Sometimes...
  4. See You Again
  5. Who Dat Boy
  6. Pothole
  7. Garden Shed
  8. Boredom
  9. I Ain't Got Time!
  10. 911 / Mr. Lonely; 911\ Outstanding\ Mr. Lonely
  11. Droppin' Seeds
  12. November
  13. Glitter
  14. Enjoy Right Now, Today
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