Tyler, the Creator- Igor (LP)

Gatefold LP Jacket, 150 Gram Vinyl

If “Flower Boy” was the last album Tyler ever made, his career would be remembered as one of the best in the 2010s. But he entirely outdoes himself on “Igor.” It’s a loose concept album following Tyler as “Igor” through a once-in-a-lifetime romance that leads him into a love triangle. Taking the role of “Igor,” he calls back the horrorcore that defined his early career and combines it with the neo-soul glam of “Flower Boy.” Beyond being one of the best albums in his discography, “Igor” stands as a unique album in the 2010s hip-hop landscape. It’s a release that only Tyler could create and stands as a testament to his abilities as a songwriter, producer and performer.



Few hip-hop artists of the 2010s have had the same artistic growth and talent as Tyler, The Creator. Living up to the name Odd Future, Tyler’s start in the Los Angeles music collective made him a name in the hip-hop underground before blowing up in popularity seemingly overnight with the release of his debut “Goblin.” A polarizing figure through and through, his early days have been seen with gentler eyes than when he was first impressed by the music landscape. Many saw him as crude, bigoted and immature but his talent as a producer and lyricist became evident to many critics even in his early days. Undergoing a metamorphosis, Tyler would dispel critics and prove to be one of today's most unique and gifted hip-hop artists.




  1. Igor's Theme
  2. Earfquake
  3. I Think
  4. Boyfriend
  5. Running Out of Time
  6. New Magic Wand
  7. A Boy Is a Gun*
  8. Puppet
  9. What's Good
  10. Gone, Gone / Thank You
  11. I Don't Love You Anymore
  12. Are We Still Friends?
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