Travis Scott - Astroworld Poster 24"x36"

Vertical poster, 24" x 36"


Inspired by artists like Kanye and Kid Cudi, Travis Scott never was the best rapper or lyricist, but he was a master of atmosphere in his beats. Put on any track by Travis and it’s clear how much attention to detail goes into the general vibe of the track, not much unlike psyche rockers of old. Syrupy trap beats, swirling keys, fluttering guitars and, of course, Travis’ iconic autotune voice all come together to create a nocturnal, trippy experience. His charisma and raging live shows have earned him a spot in pop culture, but it’s also gotten him in deep sh*t. The recent Astroworld tragedy killing ten people has stained his legacy and only time will tell how Travis rebuilds his reputation. Or maybe he’ll keep spending millions on luxury sports cars. Who knows?

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