J. Cole - The Off Season


Cole has always been a serious rapper making his album feel skilled but stiff. “The Off Season” is when he finally lets loose a little, allowing himself to make “imperfect” songs that ironically resulted in his best album since “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” Lyrically, the album feels like a training album pumping up to do something even greater. Perfect for album for folks that like a little motivation in their raps. 



One of the greatest rappers of the 2010s, J. Cole clicked with an entire generation of fans and artists. He’s considered one of the best lyricists in the game while also being a prolific producer for his work and others. His hard work, from being a professional basketball player to multiple mixtapes, earned him the first contract with Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. He would also get his start opening for future rival Drake and producing songs for huge artists like another future rival Kendrick Lamar. J. Cole would be nominated for over 100 prestigious awards in his career but would only win a small handful. He’s a true underdog who has seen heights emcees can only dream of achieving.



  1. 95 South
  2. Amari
  3. My Life (With 21 Savage and Morray)
  4. Applying Pressure
  5. Punchin' the Clock
  6. 100 Mil' (With Bas)
  7. Pride Is the Devil (With Lil Baby)
  8. Let Go My Hand (With Bas and 6Lack)
  9. Interlude
  10. The Climb Back
  11. Close
  12. Hunger on Hillside (With Bas)
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