Residents - Meets The Residents T-Shirt

This officially licensed Residents t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
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"Meet The Residents" was the first studio, full-length album released by The Residents in 1974. Although when the album was first released it fell largely unnoticed, over the years it garnered critical acclaim and an avid fanbase. The album was largely experimental, and focused on deconstructing western-style music and using playful and amateur melodies and expressions. The album cover was a parody of The Beatles "Meet The Beatles," but featuring the members of The Residents with shrimp heads instead. Although threatened with legal action for the cover by Capitol Records, the band kept the artwork associated with the album after making minor adjustments.

The Residents met and formed in 1969 in a high school in Shreveport, Louisiana. The members have focused on and for the most part kept their lives and names separate from their works, becoming well-known for their avante-garde and experimental music and multimedia projects. They have pushed the boundaries of music and video expression during the five decades they have been together and paved the way for many artists since. Known for being highly conceptual and surreal in their compositions, The Residents have introduced countless new perspectives on how music and video production can be used for storytelling.

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