The Residents - Duck Stab! T-Shirt

This officially licensed Residents t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
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"Duck Stab" was the fifth studio album released by the American experimental music group The Residents in the fall of 1978. After quickly selling out of the first pressings of the album, the band decided to re-release it alongside another set of songs as a b-side and rename it "Duck Stab/Buster & Glen." The album was an instant hit among fans and was seen as crucial in expanding the bands own following at the time.


The Residents met and formed in 1969 in a high school in Shreveport, Louisiana. The members have focused on and for the most part kept their lives and names separate from their works, becoming well-known for their avante-garde and experimental music and multimedia projects. They have pushed the boundaries of music and video expression during the five decades they have been together and paved the way for many artists since. Known for being highly conceptual and surreal in their compositions, The Residents have introduced countless new perspectives on how music and video production can be used for storytelling.

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