Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber

Only compatible with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

One of the best features of the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer is that it comes with a 3D Chamber right out of the box! Over time, that chamber will need to be replaced, so we've got you covered!


Don't miss out on the efficiency, vapor production, flavor, and temperature control that your Proxy 3D Chamber provides. If you notice the performance isn't sufficient anymore, or it got damaged, it's time to replace your chamber.


When removing your chamber for cleaning or replacement, it should come out and go back in with ease. If it feels too tight, STOP, and clean all the threading to ensure that there is nothing stuck. To clean the chamber, only use 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol to ensure a complete clean and prevent any damage.



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Barcode: 810028443570