Puffco Journey Bag

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The Journey Bag is the perfect way to travel with your Puffco Peak or Puffco Peak Pro. Not only does it keep your Peak safe and accessible on the go, but it also is packed full of storage to keep everything you need organized and ready.




Of course, it has a compartment for your Peak, but what you might not have expected is that inside the same compartment is a pocket that perfectly fits your dab tool, so you don't need to search for anything when it's time to take a hit. Behind this section is another, even larger, pocket that you can use to store your snacks, keys, wallet, or whatever else you might need for the day. Do you think Puffco would really keep it that simple? Of course not! The general storage section has a small pocket on the side designed specifically for your Hot Knife, so it's always right at the top! On the back of the Journey Bag, you get even more storage with a felt-lined area to keep your phone, sunglasses, or other delicate items protected and scratch-free. But wait, there's more! We all know that if your concentrates get too hot, they lose a lot of their delicious flavor. No worries here, the bottom of the bag features a padded compartment that includes an ice pack to keep your material fresh, cool, and flavorful. If you enjoy traveling with your Puffco Peak or Puffco Peak Pro, the Puffco Journey Bag is an absolute must.




  • Puffco Journey Bag With Adjustable Strap and Magnetic Clasp
  • Puffco Icepak
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