Paul McCartney - McCartney 2 (LP)


Seeing the changing tides in pop music, Paul McCartney tries to ride the new wave with his second namesake album experimenting with synths and studio trickery. Recorded in Paul’s farmhouse in Scotland, the album was released early due to his Japanese tour with Wings being canceled (because he was arrested too many times for possessing weed in the country). Critics loathed it at the time, but the album has earned a cult following for its eccentricity and novelty.




  1. Coming Up
  2. Temporary Secretary
  3. On the Way
  4. Waterfalls
  5. Nobody Knows
  6. Front Parlour
  7. Summer's Day Song
  8. Frozen Jap
  9. Bogey Music
  10. Darkroom
  11. One of These Days
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