Paul McCartney - McCartney Box Set (LP)

The three record set containing releases from Paul McCartney's experimental "McCartney" released in 1970, 1980 and 2020. Includes three limited edition photo prints and liner notes.

McCartney I

The original bedroom pop album, “McCartney, " debuted Paul’s solo career away from the Beatles, which would earn him plenty of hate at times but would be remembered fondly as inspiration for good lo-fi music. Paul was vilified at the time for killing the Beatles, but the reality was the band was breaking apart anyway. Feeling depressed and lost from the recent departure of John Lennon, Paul turned towards his four-track recorder to process his emotions and reinspire his creativity. The most memorable tracks the record would produce are “Maybe I’m Afraid,” “Junk” and “Every Night.”




  1. The Lovely Linda
  2. That Would Be Something
  3. Valentine Day
  4. Every Night
  5. Hot As Sun/Glasses
  6. Junk
  7. Man We Was Lonely
  8. Oo You
  9. Momma Miss America
  10. Teddy Boy
  11. Singalong Junk
  12. Maybe I'm Amazed
  13. Kreen - Akrore



McCartney II

Seeing the changing tides in pop music, Paul McCartney tries to ride the new wave with his second namesake album experimenting with synths and studio trickery. Recorded in Paul’s farmhouse in Scotland, the album was released early due to his Japanese tour with Wings being canceled (because he was arrested too many times for possessing weed in the country). Critics loathed it at the time, but the album has earned a cult following for its eccentricity and novelty.




  1. Coming Up
  2. Temporary Secretary
  3. On the Way
  4. Waterfalls
  5. Nobody Knows
  6. Front Parlour
  7. Summer's Day Song
  8. Frozen Jap
  9. Bogey Music
  10. Darkroom
  11. One of These Days



McCartney III

Nearly double the age of the last McCartney album 40 years prior, Paul returned to the home studio to make “McCartney 3” during the pandemic. Embracing the spirit of those early projects of the ‘70s, Paul recorded and played all the instruments seeking to make music for himself again rather than for business. Critics loved the album earning him multiple Grammy nominations for its playful weirdness no 80-year-old man should be capable of producing.




  1. Long Tailed Winter Bird
  2. Find My Way
  3. Pretty Boys
  4. Women and Wives
  5. Lavatory Lil
  6. Deep Deep Feeling
  7. Slidin'
  8. The Kiss of Venus
  9. Seize the Day
  10. Deep Down
  11. Winter Bird / When Winter Comes
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