Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie (CD)


Released in 1997, “Flaming Pie” would set records not because of the music but because of the promotional campaign. Although somewhat archaic by today's standards, the album was promoted with an online chat party which set the record for the largest online chat up until that point. It was Paul McCartney’s 10th studio album and was received well by both fans and critics.




  1. The Song We Were Singing
  2. The World Tonight
  3. If You Wanna
  4. Somedays
  5. Young Boy
  6. Calico Skies
  7. Flaming Pie
  8. Heaven on a Sunday
  9. Used to Be Bad
  10. Souvenir
  11. Little Willow
  12. Really Love You
  13. Beautiful Night
  14. Great Day
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Barcode: 602508617706