Nipsey Hussle - Street Poster 24"x36"

Vertical poster, 24" x 36"


Nipsey Hussle was an American-born rapper who was best known for his entrepreneurial approach and community-oriented goals alongside his significant musical talent. He first began his work as a musician in 2005, and after working briefly with a record label that ran into financial issues, Hussle decided to create his own label to help center and uplift the voices in his community. He released many singles and mixtapes, however, he only released one full-length studio album before he was tragically assassinated in 2019. His legacy, however, of encouraging funding and development of resources for Black communities as well as working to dissolve gang rivalries and tensions by creating common grounds and connections, lives on. Hussle inspired an entire generation of people to find new beauty and potential in the world and people around them.

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