King Palm Slim 2 Pack

King Palm
Each roll will fit approximately 1.5 grams of your favorite legal smoking blend

Using a palm leaf wrapper with a corn husk filter, King Palms are as easy to use as they are fantastic to smoke. With no glues or additives, you get to truly enjoy the natural flavors of your materials in each puff. Each palm leaf is hand-rolled to ensure a smooth and consistent burn, and no need to worry about the canoeing you get with other inferior products. Plus, the corn husk filter at the end provides cool and smooth airflow while delivering hits that are milkier than ever! Since these are prerolled, you get to save time while enjoying an incredible smoking experience.



  • (2) King Palm Slim Cones
  • (1) Bamboo Packing Stick
  • (1) Resealable Pouch


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Barcode: 854029008482