Journey Pipe J3 Hand Pipe Twilight Silver

4" Solid Zinc Hand Pipe. 100% non-toxic.

This is the perfect little hand pipe for the smoker on the go! It has a convenient carrying case to keep it safe while you explore the world. If the carrying case is not pocket friendly enough, then just toss the pipe in a pocket or a bag without any worry. The magnetic swivel top keeps any materials contained in the bowl perfectly safe. The 100% non-toxic Zinc construction cools the smoke while you sesh and gives you peace of mind knowing you aren't ingesting hazardous materials. It stays completely cool to the touch, no matter how many times you rip it. The pipe comes apart in 3 sections for cleaning purposes. It is extremely easy to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning.   



  • Magnetic Locking Swivel Lid
  • Convenient Screenless Bowl
  • Heat Resistant Materials
  • Has a simple 3-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Extremely Ergonomic Design 
  • Larger Bowl Size



  • 1 Journey Style Solid Zinc Hand Pipe
  • 1 Carrying Case 
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