Journey Style Solid Zinc Hand Pipe

4" Solid Zinc Hand Pipe.

This is the perfect little hand pipe for the smoker on the go! It has a convenient carrying case, which is equipped with a small storage area for smoking materials. If the carrying case is not pocket friendly enough, then just toss the pipe in a pocket or a bag without any worry. The magnetic swivel top keeps any materials contained in the bowl perfectly safe.


It comes apart in 3 sections for cleaning purposes. It is extremely easy to disassemble for cleaning and reassemble after cleaning.   



  • Magnetic Locking Swivel Lid
  • Convenient Screenless Bowl
  • Heat Resistant Materials
  • Has a simple 3-piece design for easy cleaning
  • Extremely Ergonomic Design 



  • 1 Journey Style Solid Zinc Hand Pipe
  • 1 Carrying Case 
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