Dangerdoom - The Mouse and The Mask (LP)


Dangerdoom’s first album is based around samples of different TV shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  This chill and funky album is both playful and dark, which makes sense considering the source material. Danger Mouse’s beats and production blend beautifully with MF DOOM’s raps, creating different stories around the various cartoon characters. MF DOOM has always been known for delving into the nerdy and quirky, and this album is no exception.


Dangerdoom is the name of the collaboration between Producer and musician Danger Mouse and Rapper MF DOOM. Their first album The Mask and The Mouse was released in 2005. They soon followed it up with an EP, Occult Hymn, in 2006. Their music heavily samples Adult Swim, an adult cartoon block aired on Cartoon Network.  MF DOOM and Danger Mouse have collaborated outside of their mashed up moniker. Their final collaboration is posthumous on DOOM’s part. The track, Belize, was released on Danger Mouse’s album Cheat Codes in 2022. MF DOOM passed away on Halloween 2020.




  1. El Chupa Nibre
  2. Sofa King feat. MF DOOM
  3. The Mask feat. Ghostface Killah
  4. Perfect Hair
  5. Benzi Box feat. CeeLo Green
  6. Old School Rules feat. Talib Kweli
  7. A.T.H.F (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
  8. Basket Case
  9. No Names feat. Money Mark
  10. Crosshairs
  11. Mince Meat
  12. Vats Of Urine
  13. Space Hos
  14. Bada Bing




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