Brass Star Inlay Wood Incense Coffin

Magic Touch
12" long Incense Burner.

This is one of our most popular styles of incense burners. The coffin design offers up many advances over the standard boat-style stick burner. The top of the burner easily swings open and closed to regulate the airflow to burn incense. The top also helps prevent the ash from spilling or making unwanted ash-related messes.



When closed, the multiple holes on top allow the smoke to effortlessly flow out into the atmosphere. Watching the smoke gracefully flow through the pattern on top can be trance-inducing and very meditative. 



The burner is made of wood and is adorned with multiple brass star inlays. One of the benefits of this style of incense burner is its multiple applications. It can be used for standard stick incense or cone incense. Also, Placed conveniently on the bottom is a storage chamber with the capacity to hold a full pack of Incense. 





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