Product Spotlight: Wax Liquidizer

Product Spotlight: Wax Liquidizer

Visit our New Orleans smoke shop to get delicious vape juice and the fun of home chemistry in one potent bottle.

Ever wished you could make custom e-cigarette juice at home, in a strength and with a flavor uniquely suited to your own palate?

Now you can, with one of the coolest products and most fun home projects there is.

Wax Liquidizer turns any kind of concentrated cannabis product -- wax, shatter, crumble, CBD oil -- into e-cigarette juice. And you don't need special equipment, chemical expertise, or lots of time.

How To Do It

Take about a gram of your wax or shatter and add 2 ml of the Wax Liquidizer solution to a microwave-safe glass, using a syringe to measure it. Microwave these ingredients for about ten seconds so that everything dissolves and can be mixed together. Bingo! You've got e-juice.

As soon as the mixture cools, which takes just a few minutes, it's ready to be loaded into your device. You can enjoy it right away or in a few days; the mixture won't separate back out.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself E-liquid

Making your own e-liquid is less expensive than buying prefilled cartridges. The DIY approach extends the life of your concentrate and saves you money from the very first puff.

The quality is better too, and you have much more control over the strength and the strains.

Wax Liquidizer is also better for your health in that it contains no diacetyl, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, mineral oil or vitamin E. And, of course, it contains no tar, since nothing is being burned.

Best of all is the flavor. No matter what the quality of the shatter, it becomes potent and flavorful once converted into e-juice using Wax Liquidizer. Aside from original, we carry strawberry cough, grape ape, blueberry, pineapple express, banana OG, and juicy mango.

Wax Liquidizer gives you more of what you want: flavor and value. And less of what you don't want: cost and carcinogens.

Wax Liquidizer is number one.

In 2016, Wax Liquidizer was the 420 Pony Product of the Year, and it's still the number one liquidizer. It's kind of the most revolutionary product since the iPhone.

"I believe people enjoy the ability to create their own custom combinations of flavors, concentrates and strength of liquid cannabis as much as they enjoy saving money on pre-filled cartridges,” says Wax Liquidizer CEO John McKenna.

We agree.

Wax Liquidizer at Mushroom New Orleans

We think you'll love it. So come by The Mushroom any day between 10 a.m. and midnight and we'll hook you up. You can also place an order online or call us at (504) 866-6065 to speak with our friendly staff.

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