Wax Liquidizer Blueberry

Wax Liquidizer
Wax Liquidizer has a base of propylene glycol which is a wonderful stabilizing ingredient and completely safe for consumption, it is free of vegetable glycerin and vitamin E acetate.

You won't be feeling the blues while you're vaping this delicious flavor! 


Wax Liquidizer is like magic in a bottle! Turn any type of concentrate from crumble to shatter into vape juice! This is a quick and easy 3-step method you can use to liquify your concentrates.  Add 2ml of wax liquidizer to 1 gram of concentrate, then heat in the microwave for 10 seconds. Be sure to stir the mixture together so it has a smooth consistency. After that, take a syringe or eyedropper and add your infused juice into your vaporizer! If you are not comfortable using a microwave, you can use a double boil method on the stovetop instead. Add fun flavors to your already delicious concentrates and vape on!

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