Product Highlight: Puffco Peak Pro Guardian Vaporizer, Limited Edition

Product Highlight: Puffco Peak Pro Guardian Vaporizer, Limited Edition

Now Available at Your Favorite New Orleans Smoke Shop

With vaporizers to suit all needs, Puffco, a cornerstone of the dab market, routinely provides the best possible products, and the Puffco Peak Pro Guardian is no exception.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, the Puffco Pro Guardian Vaporizer is an efficient tool for vaporizing concentrates. The Guardian's futuristic shape fits perfectly in your hands, and it uses a 3D ceramic coil to vaporize wax, dabs, shatter, or crumble.

Simple controls also vaporize the learning curve required for more complicated vaporizers. But don't let the simplicity fool you. The Guardian Peak Pro is innovative, modern, and smart.

The limited edition Puffco Peak Pro Guardian has a gorgeous 3D chamber, a chrome aluminum alloy band, and a metallic transparent silicone base that is exclusive to this limited edition.

Key Features of This Best-Selling Vaporizer

Temperature Control

The Peak Pro Guardian has four temperature presets that give you the power to heat your rig your way. With temperatures ranging from 490°F to 595°F, the Guardian is perfectly tuned to provide massive clouds and incredible flavors from e-juices of your choice.

There's even an app you can use to customize the device by editing presets, creating new ones, and setting duration.

No matter what temperature you choose, the Peak Pro Guardian is ready when you are: within 30 seconds.

A Vaporizer With a Better Battery

The Peak Pro Guardian can be fully charged within just two hours. Depending on your temperature and duration settings, a full charge will last about 30 sessions.

A separately sold Power Dock enables you to charge your vaporizer wirelessly.

Smartphone App

Control your Puffco Peak Pro Guardian Vaporizer from your smartphone using the Path Browser app in iOS or the Puffco Connect app in Google Play, and use Bluetooth to pair the devices. You need to have an Internet connection to get started with the iOS version.

The app enables you to control LED patterns, heat controls, and Ready Mode. It also gives you useful information about the battery level of the vaporizer, current temperature and heat settings, and facts about daily usage.

Pair the vaporizer with the app to completely customize your experience.

Vaping Reminders From Mushroom New Orleans

  • Start with the lowest heat setting to find a balance of clouds and flavor.
  • To prevent waste and prevent damaging your device, use only small amounts of concentrate.
  • The included carrying case keeps your vaporizer safe when you are traveling with it or storing it.

This limited edition of the Puffco Peak Pro Guardian won't last long. So order one today through our online shop, or stop by Mushroom New Orleans between 10 a.m. and midnight every day to check it out for yourself. See you soon!

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