Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Guardian Limited Edition

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The Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer beautifully accommodates the needs of anyone who wants to vaporize concentrates, no matter their experience. Simple controls eliminate the learning curve for beginners, while the brand new app experience creates endless possibilities for veteran vapers. Every detail of this vaporizer has been carefully created to create the new standard in portable concentrate technology.


This limited edition Puffco Peak Pro Guardian comes not only with great style, but it even comes stock with a 3D Chamber! This serves as further proof that Puffco is a company that listens to and cares about its customers. They even upgraded the base to include a chrome aluminum band, and the silicone base is a transparent metallic color, exclusive to this limited edition. Once again, we are absolutely blown away by the amazing work of the Puffco team. Our only question is, with all the amazing innovations and designs they create, do they ever sleep?




The Peak Pro has four temperature presets that range from 490-545°F, perfectly tuned to optimize your session for mouthwatering flavors or incredible clouds. Using the app you can edit the presets, or create new ones, choosing any temperature between 450-620°F, and even set the duration for anywhere between 15 seconds and 2 minutes. No matter what temperature you choose, the Peak Pro will be ready for action within 30 seconds, and a new sensor inside the chamber will communicate with the base to make sure the temperature remains consistent throughout the session.




Using the included USB-C charger you can fully charge your vaporizer in about 2 hours. A full charge will last an average of 30 sessions depending on the temperature and duration settings you have selected. You can also use the Power Dock to charge your Peak Pro wirelessly. For the quickest charge always use the included charger and cable plugged directly into an outlet, avoid using any third party chargers and power strips.




A borosilicate glass attachment comes included with your new Peak Pro. The glass attachment has a minimalist perc design, creating a cool and balanced hit without the restrictive draw inferior smart rigs torture you with. Puffco has also doubled the water capacity compared to the glass that came with the original Puffco Peak Vaporizer, making your hits even cooler and smoother!




Your Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer can now be controlled from your smartphone by downloading the free app, and pairing them with Bluetooth! The app allows you to adjust and control heating profiles, LED patterns, and "Ready Mode" to automatically activate your Peak Pro when you take it off the charging dock. The app also displays useful information like battery level, current bowl temperature, active heat setting, daily usage, and total usage. Pairing your device with the app gives you total control of every aspect possible, allowing you to completely customize your experience.




Make sure to fully charge your Peak Pro before your first session to ensure maximum battery performance. Next, fill the glass with water until it is just above the air holes and take a gentle pull to make sure there is no splashback, never fill the glass when it is attached to the base to avoid water damage! Turn on your Peak Pro by holding the front button for 3 seconds, cycle through the temperature settings by pressing the button once until you find the one you want. You can either load your concentrate into the chamber now or wait until you have already started the heating cycle, place the carb cap on top of the heating chamber after you have loaded your concentrate. To begin heating, press the front button twice, the LEDs will begin pulsing to indicate that heat-up has started. Once your Peak Pro has achieved the desired temperature setting it will vibrate and flash 3 times to let you know it's ready to go and you can start inhaling. To maximize the life of your chamber gently clean it with a cotton swab after each use.




  • Start with the lowest heat setting for a good balance of clouds and flavor
  • Only use small amounts of concentrate to prevent waste or even damage to your device
  • Keep your device safe during travel and storage by using the included carrying case




  • Puffco Peak Pro Guardian Vaporizer 
  • Guardian Glass Attachment
  • Oculus Carb Cap
  • 3D Chamber
  • Jacket & Tether
  • Loading Tool
  • Dual Tool (x5)
  • USB-C Charger
  • Carrying Case


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