Aura Point Lamp 9"H

Crystal River Gems
Stands 9" high.

Experience the magic and wonder of colorful lighting as it illuminates your favorite spaces! An instant mood-lifter, this aura-point crystal lamp features a ring of colorful quartz crystals backlit with a bright, white light.



The second most abundant mineral on Earth, quartz comes in wide varieties, colors, and shapes. Historically thought of as a mystical substance, quartz has captured wonder in many ancient cultures. Prehistoric Irish people called it the sunstone. Roman naturalists thought it was permanently frozen ice. Eurasian peoples often crafted hand-stone carvings using the material in everything from pitchers to sculptures. Clear quartz is the stone of balance, helping regulate emotions and impulses. Spiritualists also say quartz stimulates the immune system and filters out negative emotions. It is the birthstone of the Aries, specifically to curb their passion and ambition before burnout.

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