Amyl and the Sniffers - Big Attraction & Giddy Up (LP)


The double feature of Amyl and The Sniffers first two self published EPs, Big Attraction and Giddy Up (listed in backwards chronological order), follows the journey of the band through their first two years. The first EP, Giddy Up, was created and released in the space of 12 hours, in 2016. The quality is rough, raw, and full of energy, harkening back to the early punk scene.  The band (Amy Taylor, Bryce Wilson, Declan Martens, and Calum Newton) were all roommates at the time. After Giddy Up, Newton left to pursue a solo career. Bassist Gus Romer joined in time for the band’s second EP Big Attraction. Big Attraction was released just a year later in 2017, and featured Amyl and The Sniffers’ first single “Balaclava Lover Boogie”. Big Attraction took longer to create, (not a hard marker to meet) and it shows in the production quality and technical prowess of the Ep. Both EPs were originally released only in cassette and digital download formats.


Amyl and The Sniffers is an Australian Punk Rock band. Vocalist Amy Taylor compares the experience of huffing amyl nitrate to the experience of Amyl and The Sniffers’ music. Short and headache inducing. Started by 4 roommates (Amy Taylor, Bryce Wilson, Declan Martens, and Calum Newton) in 2016, their first EP was conceived of and released in the space of 12 hours. This fast paced, almost manic, DIY attitude characterizes the band to this day. After the release of their first EP, Newton went on to make other music, and Gus Romer joined the band as bassist. The band’s name comes from the Australian slang for amyl nitrate, popularly known in the United States as poppers. Citing influences ranging from Minor Threat to Cardi B, Amyl and The Sniffers makes wild, rough edged music that would neither be out of place in a basement show nor opening for big acts such as Weezer and Fall Out Boy. (Which they have.)




  1. I'm Not a Loser
  2. Blowjobs
  3. Mole (Sniff Sniff)
  4. Balaclava Lover Boogie
  5. Westgate
  6. 70's Street Munchies
  7. Pleasure Forever
  8. Caltex Cowgirl
  9. Mandalay
  10. Stole My Push Bike




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