Amethyst 100 Chip Gemstone Tree with Cluster Base 7"H

Crystal River Gems
Stands 7" tall.


This 7” gemstone tree features 100 amethyst chips wrapped with a beautiful silver wire sitting on a base made of a quartz crystal. Each tree is uniquely crafted with hand-selected stones so no two trees are exactly alike, there will be slight variations between each piece. These vibrant amethyst stones originate from India.


Amethyst is a kind of quartz turned purple, symbolizing royalty and power. It also has come to symbolize courage and is the stone of February. The stone of clarity boosts perception while warding off evil thoughts. Spiritualists recommend the stone to those who seek to strengthen relationships, attract love, or open one’s heart.


Amethyst has been used extensively throughout history- the ancient Greeks once wore amethyst to promote sobriety, Hebrew people called it the “dream stone,” and Medieval soldiers wore it to promote healing and calmness of mind. 




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