8" Dome Perc Nectar Collector Kit 10mm

$26.99 $20.24

This 8" nectar collector kit is a great package for the price. It has a single dome perc for filtering the harshness out of any smoke or vapor inhaled from the smoking apparatus. It also comes with a glass tray and both 10mm titanium and glass nails. 


Nectar collectors are simple and portable dab rigs. To use:

  • Heat the tip with a butane torch until it is red hot
  • Wait a few seconds to allow the metal to cool
  • Gently inhale as you lightly dip the tip into your materials


To complete your awesome dabbing set-up, you are going to want a safe and reliable butane torch. We recommend getting something from Special Blue, Scorch Torch, or Blazer since they are of great quality and have warranties. Steer clear from using large propane torches as they are extremely hot and can ruin your nectar collector's tip.

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