4.75" Flame Dragon Silicone Nectar Collector


Silicone smoking accessories have quickly become one of our best-selling selections of products. Silicone is being used for just about every type of smoking implement. The Mushroom stocks silicone water pipes, water pipe bowls, hand pipes, and even nectar collectors.


Many customers have made the move to silicone because of its durability. Accidentally dropping the nectar collector on a tile floor doesn't end in sadness. The Silicone is high heat resistant. A torch-heated titanium nail will not melt the silicone or cause any type of fumes. However, do not directly apply a torch flame directly to the silicone. That is a bad idea. 


This fun dragon-themed graphic silicone straw comes with a 14mm Quartz tip but can be used with a 14mm quartz tip as well. Feel free to check out our selection of titanium tips. 

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