4.5" Unakite Crystal Hand Pipe

100% all-natural semiprecious gemstone pipe. Colors include combinations of greens, pinks, and purple. Includes brass screen for the optimal smoking experience.

Unakite is a very durable and very interesting-looking stone. The complexities of the color palette make it stand out among other crystals. Unakite is often used with meditation to eliminate negative feelings in the heart and help people align with a deeper understanding of their emotions. The soft exterior is said to help counterbalance the harshness of negative feelings. 



This hand pipe is made out of high-quality 100% all-natural semiprecious gemstones. It comes with a brass screen bowl insert to reduce ash and residue build-up in the airflow passage leading to the mouthpiece. 




  • 4.5" Unakite Crystal Hand Pipe



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