4.5" Kitchen Wrap and Rake Donut Nectar Collector Titanium Tip Light Green

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Made out of 100% German Schott borosilicate in America.
The Mushroom only carries products we believe in, which is why most of our glass is made of German Schott borosilicate, the most durable on the market. Unlike Chinese made nectar collectors, these are seriously tough pieces that last. Made in the good old US of A, you can trust they are consistently high quality. They won't break if you accidentally set them down too hard, or drop them on the carpet. Making American nectar collectors out of German borosilicate is a game-changer, not only are you getting a higher quality piece to sesh out of but you're also directly funneling money to artists and not huge Chinese factories. Buying nectar collectors made out of Schott glass is worth every penny spent. 
Nectar collectors are simple and portable dab rigs. To use:
  • Heat up the tip with a butane torch until it is red hot
  • Wait a few seconds to allow the metal to cool
  • Lightly dip the tip into your container of materials, be sure to inhale through the straw while you are doing this.
To complete your awesome dabbing set-up you are going to want a safe and reliable butane torch. Over here at The Mushroom, we recommend getting something from Special Blue, Scorch Torch, or Blazer. They are of great quality and have warranties. Steer clear from using large propane torches as they are extremely hot and can ruin your nectar collector's tip. 


  • 4.5" Kitchen Wrap and Rake Donut Nectar Collector 
  • Titanium Tip
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