Stonerware 6" Piece Silicone and Glass Water Pipe Tiffany / Black

This 6" tiffany blue and black water pipe is made from silicone and borosilicate.

This 6" water pipe is great for travel, camping, or taking over the world. Throw it into any suitcase or backpack and hit the road. Just be sure to dump the water out of it first. It is also great for at-home use! Do you have a dog or cat that constantly knocks your glass pieces over? Do you have that one friend who always seems to break your nice glass? Are you that friend? (Big yikes) These silicone pieces can withstand most falls. They are made from food-grade silicone and very easy to clean. The center chamber is made out of glass so you can see the smoke before it hits your lungs. It comes with a glass diffuser downstem, silicone mouthpiece, and 14mm glass bowl. 



  • 6" Silicone Water Pipe 
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • Glass Diffuser Downstem 
  • Silicone Mouthpiece 
  • Keck Clip
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