18" Double Chamber Matrix, Honey Comb, & 8 Arm Tree Perc Water Pipe

$109.99 $82.49

This 18" tall water pipe is a great buy! It has 2 stages of optimal filtration. The base matrix chamber is an intricate diffuser that generates maximum filtration and minimal drag. Its detailed design distributes generous plums of filtered smoke to the secondary stacked chamber. This is where the real magic happens. The 8 arm tree perc is a classic. It provides an easy flow of air while filtering the smoke for a better smoking experience. The diffusion breaks up the smoke and evenly distributes it throughout the inhaled volume of air. This creates a smoother, more pleasurable inhalation from the water pipe. An ash catcher always makes a great addition to a water pipe this size. It can add even my filtration by acting as a removable auxiliary diffuser chamber.

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