Vatra Tube Bags 21"X8"


Usually, keeping a water pipe protected at home is hard enough, and trying to travel with one is even worse. Vatra Tube Bags solve both problems easily, discreetly, and in such an innovative way they're even patented!


Each section of the bag is sewn into individual tubes that are hand stuffed with padding, allowing the bag to conform to the contours of your piece better than anything else on the market. Vatra's genius doesn't stop there, a zippered side and drawstring closure make taking your glass in and out a breeze, and TWO internal pockets mean you can protect all your accessories at the same time! Plus, an adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry no matter where you're going. How could they make it any better? Well, not only does this patented design protect your piece and make it easy to travel with, the materials and closure system make the bag smell-proof too!

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