Volcano Classic Vaporizer With Easy Valve Starter Set


STORZ & BICKEL designed the Volcano Classic Vaporizer to be the best desktop unit possible, having kept the same design since 2003 and becoming one of the most popular vaporizers on the market we think they accomplished this goal. In addition to its amazing performance, the entire Volcano lineup brings a whole new level of fun to the vaporizing experience, not filling a balloon with vapor just seems boring after using this.



The Volcano Classic uses a vacuum system to filter the air that is then heated to your desired temperature. It then forces the air through the filling chamber, passing over even the smallest surfaces of your material. Convection heating solves the traditional problems associated with vaporizers that utilize conduction heating, convection is widely accepted to provide much smoother hits, even vaporization, and better flavor.



You can set your desired temperature between 226-446°F by adjusting the knob on the front between the 1 and 9 marks. Convection heating allows for precise temperature control by heating the air instead of your material directly, eliminating the need to subject your precious cargo to constant heating and cooling cycles.



The first thing you should do when you receive your package is to be proud of yourself for making such a great investment, Warren Buffet has nothing on you. Plug your Volcano directly into an outlet, this thing is a beast so it is not recommended to use power strips. Adjust the temperature control dial to your desired level and press the red HEAT switch to begin heating, a yellow light marked CONTROL will illuminate, once the yellow light turns off you are up to temperature and ready to begin your session. If you have not had the pleasure of using a Volcano in the past we have found that the 6 position is a good place to start for temperature, you can then adjust up or down on the next bag until you find the perfect setting for you. Using a fine and fluffy grind load the Filling Chamber with your desired material making sure not to pack it too tightly. Place the Filling Chamber on top of your Volcano and press the green AIR switch to start the air pump and let it run for about 5 seconds to bring your material up to temperature, you should see some light vapor exiting the top of the chamber. Stretch out one of your balloons and remove the mouthpiece, place the balloon on top of the Filling Chamber and watch in awe as it fills with delicious vapor. Once the balloon is full, remove it from the Filling Chamber and turn off the air pump. Reinsert the mouthpiece and lightly press your lips against it and gently inhale, when the balloon is almost empty you can stretch it out while inhaling to suck out every last bit of vapor. Your Volcano will not shut off by itself so it is important to remember to turn off the heater and unplug it when you are done with your session.



  • Only fill the balloon with the amount of vapor that you will inhale in 10 minutes or less, if you let the vapor sit for longer than that it may get harsh and stale
  • The best method to inhale is to take half of your normal breath, hold it for a few seconds, and gently exhale
  • Any time you dump the contents of your Filling Chamber use the included brush to clean the screens to maintain maximum performance and flavor
  • Remove the Filling Chamber while you are not actively filling a balloon so it does not overheat your material, trust us the 100W heater and 11W air pump will be ready when you are
  • Never attempt to repair the vaporizer yourself, the Volcano comes with a 3 year warranty and even after that time they still offer professional repair services



  • Volcano Classic Vaporizer
  • Easy Valve Balloon (x4)
  • Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
  • Easy Valve Filling Chamber
  • Easy Valve Normal Screen Set
  • Easy Valve Drip Pad
  • Filling Chamber Clip (x3)
  • Cap Ring
  • Air Filter Set
  • Herb Mill Grinder
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual
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