Sun Yin Yang Carved Wood Box Medium 6.5" x 4"

Hand Carved Medium Wooden Box 6.5" x 4"

Dating back to over 4,000 years ago, the Yin Yang symbol has held a lot of intricate meaning. Generally, it embodies the divine balance of the duality of life. The light and dark, good and evil, masculine and feminine, moon and sun, and more. 




This 6.5" x 4" Medium-sized wooden storage box is hand-made in India out of mango wood. It comes with a beautifully carved Sun and Yin Yang design on the top.




Storage boxes are always good to have around. Plus, they are a great gift item. Everyone needs a little more storage in their life. Why not do it in as much style as possible? The Mushroom has many other styles and sizes of storage implements available. 






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